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Friday, November 16

6:00-6:45PM Keynote Presentation--Using Mobile Technology to Provide Specialty Care; Dr. Carrie Kovarik, UPenn, Infectious Diseases Dept. http://goo.gl/HFmMo      
7:00-7:45PM Breakout Sessions  XXXX      
Chapters Utilizing Google Plus for Your Chapter; Jeffrey Salvitti and Katy Knight, Google        
Chapters EWB-USA 101 for New Members; Rosemary Powers, EWB-USA Northeast Chapter Relations Manager http://goo.gl/8SKap      
Chapters Fundraising Strategies for Student and Professional Chapters; Nicole Ostrowski & Justine Buchman, UPitt http://goo.gl/vWZQ3      

Saturday, November 17


Keynote / General Sessions

8:15-9:15AM State of EWB-USA: Where We Are and Where We're Going; Cathy Leslie, Executive Director of EWB-USA   http://goo.gl/BO0F2      
9:15-10:10AM Keynote Presentation--Designing a World that Works for All; Medard Gabel, BigPictureSmallWorld http://goo.gl/ZRpni http://goo.gl/a6nJx http://goo.gl/ghf8V http://goo.gl/mD87h
10:20-11:20AM Best Practices of EWB-USA Projects; Joshua Knight, EWB-USA Project Manager http://goo.gl/v4wYd      
11:20AM-12:00PM Keynote Presentation--Urban Sustainability; Howard M. Neukrug, Commissioner, Philadelphia Water Department http://goo.gl/QP9JS      

Breakout Sessions

Chapters The Power of Language in Community Driven Development; Rosemary Powers, EWB-USA  http://goo.gl/z3sUp      
Communities Integrated Water Resource Mgmt, Community Part. & Indicators of Success in Latin America; Dr. F.N. Scatena, UPenn        
Professionals Teaching Techniques to Enhance Learning; Jennifer Fields, Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection http://goo.gl/I1LKn      
Project Management Crisis Management; Cathy Leslie, Executive Director, EWB-USA http://goo.gl/Y7Wdq      
Project Management Mentoring: A Personal Account; Sky Morehouse, Morehouse Engineering http://goo.gl/8I2JL      
Project Presentations Haiti Service Learning Initiative (MCHSLI) Clean Water Program; Dr. Marc J. Veletzos, Merrimack College        
Project Management Impact Assessment and Project Monitoring; Aneesha Ragunathan, Hope Line Fashions (NGO)        
Technical  Overview of Design and Implementation for Sanitation Programs; Joshua Knight, EWB-USA Project Manager        
Technical  Water Infrastructure for Developing Communities; Jordan Ermilio, Villanova University http://goo.gl/pWuLd      

Breakout Sessions

Communities Involving Women in a Hygiene and Latrine Program in Guatemala; Tony Sauder, Pennoni Assoc., & Megan Doherty, UPenn http://goo.gl/ts6SY      
Project Presentations Energy Savings in Water System Design; Adam Brostow, EWB Mid Atlantic Professional Chapter  //
Tingo Pucará: A Tri-Chapter Water System Case Study; Melissa Day, EWB Pittsburgh Chapter
Project Presentations Navigating Socioeconomic Challenges of Bringing Clean Water to Honduras; Neha Anand,  AECOM http://goo.gl/hTNAI      
Project Presentations Improving Education In India Using Sustainable Energy; Uzair (Sam) Shamsi,  Baker Corp http://goo.gl/V98oG      
Technical  Best Practices for Photovoltaic Community Empowerment; Art White, EWB-USA Energy SCC Committee http://goo.gl/YG9Ug http://goo.gl/egwxq http://goo.gl/MZDHD http://goo.gl/Xr3Je
Technical  Water Distribution Systems Design and Modeling; Dr. Gerard Jones, Villanova University http://goo.gl/fKwyT http://goo.gl/nf9uW http://goo.gl/u61x0 http://goo.gl/A2ZoR
Technical  Biosand Filters: Design, Implementation, and Education; Kelly Barb, Rowan University         
Technical  Philadelphia Global Water Initiative.(PGWI) - A Regional Model For Collaboration of WASH Activitieshttp://goo.gl/w0OrQ      

Breakout Sessions

Chapters Technical Advisory (TAC) and Application Review Committee (ARC); David Sacco, TPA Design Group        
Chapters/Project Management Why Do We Need a Mentor? The Case to Student Chapters; Ethan LaRochelle, EWB-USA         
Communities Community Involvement On Opposite Ends of the Spectrum; Lisa Hofgesang, EWB-NEU        
Professionals Starting A Small Business and Solar Technology Solutions; Jason Halpern, Gridless Power        
Project Management Making Things Work--Successful and Sustainable Project Implementation; Gary Moore, Louis Berger Group        
Project Presentations Dulce Nombre Sanitation Project, Honduras; Emily Kelsey, EWB-UMaine        
Technical  Hydraulic Calculations for Drinking Water Systems; Dan Saulnier, Northeastern University        
Technical  Arsenic and Bacteria Removal Through Slow Sand Filters; Saint Joseph Univ. Institute of Catholic Bioethics        
Technical  Short to Long-Term Wat-San-Hygiene Program Development; Angelita Fasnacht-Cuellar, Kosovo-Addis        

Breakout Sessions

Communities Intercultural Communication: A Community Perspective in Cameroon; Dr. Godlove Fonjweng, Wilkes University        
Professionals Phthalates: Endocrine Disruptors in Bottled Water; Sharon Kenny, US EPA http://goo.gl/dRg36      
Project Presentations Overview of the Kipingi, Kenya Water Supply Project; Katie Puckett, CDM Smith http://goo.gl/pUD6V      
Project Presentations Potable Water for Lukodi, Uganda; Kayla Mineau, University of New Hampshire EWB        
Technical  Appropriate Technologies in Developing Countries; Thomas Decker, SUNY-ESF  http://goo.gl/UJpI6      
Technical  Importance of Public Health Surveys for Design of Drinking Water Systems; Stephen Clark, CDM Smith, & Angeline Cione        
Technical  Sustainable Hand Pump Design: The Rope Pump; Caitlin Terry, The Shaw Group http://goo.gl/Ej91f      
Technical  Spring Box Design for Drinking Water Supply; Dave Sacco, TPA Design Group        

Sunday, November 18


Breakout Sessions

Chapters Fundraising Strategies for Student and Professional Chapters; Nicole Ostrowski & Justine Buchman, UPitt http://goo.gl/vWZQ3      
Chapters Chapter Sustainability: Tools and Best Practices; Caitlin Candee, Northeastern University  // 
Chapter Recruitment;
Nicole Businelli, EWB-Princeton
General Session Faculty Leadership Council; Dr. Keenan & J. Lamancusa  http://goo.gl/zzwOZ      
General Session How To Do EWB-USA As A Career; J. Ermilio, G. Moore        
General Session The World Water Crisis, NGOs, and Hope; Brittany Young, Spring of Hope (NGO)        
Professionals Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Mentor? Training & Tips For Working With Students; D. Saulnier & E. LaRochelle, NEU        

Keynote / General Session

10:00-10:45AM Keynote Presentation--Dream, Design, Deliver; Dr. Michael Winter, Chief Engineer for Technology, Pratt & Whitney http://goo.gl/BTOl0      
11:30AM-12:15PM Meet the Region & State Representatives Working Block http://goo.gl/IyVAy      
Connecticut: Rockwell Rookey          
Eastern Pennsylvania: Edita Zlatic          
Massachusetts & Rhode Island: Keith Jones          
New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont: Jon Ordway          
New Jersey: Herbert Ramirez          
New York: Clay Pipkin          
Western Pennsylvania: Benjamin Zaczek