For Presenters and Volunteers

Cover slide

Please use this as the first slide of your powerpoint presentation: 2012 Conference Session Cover Slide.pptx

Notes to review before presenting

  1. If you need internet access during your presentation, please contact Elana Green ( She will provide you with the access information you will need prior to your presentation.
  2. The majority of you are speaking on Saturday afternoon between 1pm and 6pm, however the conference starts on Friday at 6pm and ends on Sunday at 12pm. You are invited to attend sessions other than your own, however if you did not pay for registration, please allow paid attendees to obtain meals first, as food is limited.
  3. Length of sessions. In some cases, the length of the session does not reflect the amount of time you requested. This has been captured in the agenda, and it is acceptable for you to end the session as requested. However, if your session time has ended and you have questions remaining, please end the formal session and continue an informal discussion outside of the presentation space. This will give the next presenter enough time to set up.
  4. Please arrive 15 minutes before your session to allow time for setup and end your session on time. When you arrive at the conference, please check in at the registration desk. Signage will be provided through the UPenn campus. 
  5. When your session is complete, please make sure that the volunteer in your session has a copy of your powerpoint presentation and any handouts you provided.
  6. The next email will include a slide with our sponsor information. Please include this at the beginning and end of your powerpoint slides.
  7. Each room will have a laptop, projector, and screen. 

Uploading presentations to share with attendees

  • Go to the following link, input your information into the form and upload your powerpoint.
  • The maximum file upload size is a 200mb max. If you are near the size limit, uploading as pdf instead of ppt/pptx will decrease the file size and make it readable but not writeable. 
Nov 15, 2012, 7:38 PM