Top Things to Do in Pittsburgh

Pittsburg is a beautiful and vibrant city with many interesting things to see and do.  When you're taking a break from the Workshop, please check out the following places and events.
Ride the Incline
The Duquesne or Monongahela Inclines were made in the 1800’s so workers could go from their homes on the top of Mt. Washington to the factories they worked in.  It’s an awesome way to check out Pittsburgh’s skyline. The nighttime view from the top is ranked #2 on USA Today’s “Most Beautiful Places In America” and it costs less than 4$ for a round trip!!!
See The Point
Point State Park is a state park directly at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, forming the Ohio River. It's a beautiful spot, with a fountain and two historic forts.
Visit Pittsburgh's Museums
  • The Andy Warhol Museum is a huge warehouse housing many different Andy Warhol collections in various types of media, with a few other artists as well. Cost: $8 for students, $15 non-students.
  • The Mattress Factory is on the North side and has a lot of contemporary art and unusual exhibits and costs $7 for students.
  • The Carnegie Science Center has interesting hands-on technology and science experiments.  Admission is $18. They also have OMNIMAX and Laser Shows for $8.
  • The Museum of Natural History has a great dinosaur exhibit and is $11 for students!
  • The Carnegie Museum of Art has a huge collection and costs $11 for students.
Visit the Cathedral of Learning
The Cathedral of Learning is a beautiful cathedral with 26 different nationality rooms to tour through.  It is located on the University of Pittsburgh campus. 
Eat Amazing Food
Check out Pamela's Diner for breakfast.  President Obama flew Pamela’s head chef to the white house to cook him breakfast. Pamela’s is definitely something to try, and it’s cheap! There’s even one in Oakland on Forbes.
Primanti Brother's Restaurants are nestled throughout Pittsburgh and are known for serving delicious food.  You can find one in Oakland on Forbes.
See Phipps Conservatory
Phipps holds 19 different unique botanical gardens, and the structure of the building itself is phenomenal.  It is directly between the CMU and Pitt Campuses.  Entrance is $11 for students with an ID, $12 for non-students.
If you’re 21…
Hit up the Southside on East Carson Street, for an awesome time. If you’re not old enough quite yet, try heading to the Waterfront…there’s tons of places to shop and eat out!
Specific Events for the Week
· South Pacific is playing at the Benedum Center the 2nd-7th
· Three Rivers Film Festival lasts from November 5th-18th