Confirmed North East Region Workshop Speakers are listed below. 

Dr. Robin Podmore, "The Community Solutions Initiative – Forming IEEE and EWB-USA partnerships for powering developing communities"

Dr. Muhammad Zaman, "Sustainable Global Health and EWB"

Bhavna Sharma, PhD, "Sustainable Development: Bamboo as a Structural Material"

Siamak Malek, MD - Doctors Without Borders

David Sacco - EWB-USA TAC Committee - "Preparing for TAC"

Marcia Kraemer - EWB-USA H&S Committee -  

Cathy Leslie - EWB-USA Executive Director - "State of EWB-USA"  and  "Communicating EWB-USA: Creating a Stronger Brand"  and  "Health and Safety: International Travel Medical Issues for EWB Volunteers"

Rosemary Powers - EWB-USA  -   "EWB 101: New Members Information Session", and "State of EWB-USA"

Joshua Knight - EWB-USA Project Manager -  "EWB-USA Development Principles", and "Program Sustainability"

Michael Plato -  Living Water International (Director, Partnerships)  -  "The Importance of Community Participation and Input for a Successful Water Supply Project"

University of Pittsburgh Fundraising Team - "Development and Fundraising"

Paul Armstrong, "Conducting Conversations Beyond Polite; Getting to Real Engineering Teamwork"

Cathy Bazan, "An Introduction to Surveying"
Bree Carlson
Julie Gagen
Cathy Leslie, "State of EWB-USA", and "Communicating EWB-USA: Creating a stronger brand"

Ian Nettleship