Cathy Leslie - EWB-USA Executive Director - "State of EWB-USA" and "Communicating EWB-USA: Creating a Strong Brand" and "Health and Safety: International Travel Medical Issues for EWB Volunteers"


Cathy Leslie has served as the Executive Director of EWB-USA since 2004. She oversees the operations and finances of the organization and is responsible for the consistent achievement of the organization’s mission. Cathy began her work in developing countries as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Nepal. During her station, she developed and implemented solutions that addressed drinking water and sanitation issues facing the community. In addition to her work in the international sustainable development field, Cathy has over 20 years experience overseeing both domestic and international corporate engineering projects. As the Executive Director of EWB-USA, Cathy bridges her skills and experience as a Professional Engineer with her commitment to the creation of sustainable and participatory solutions to rural community development projects.  Cathy has her B.S.C.E. from Michigan Technological University and is a Registered Professional Engineer.


State of EWB-USA:

EWB-USA is a growing organization with a commitment to providing quality programs to communities as well as to providing increased resources to members.  This presentation by Catherine Leslie, Executive Director of EWB-USA, outlines advances in EWB-USA program support that include new health insurance coverage, an increased focus on monitoring and evaluation, and the importance of sustainability principles.  This presentation also describes overarching elements of the organization’s structure such as the strategic plan, membership system, and sourcebook.


Communicating EWB-USA: Creating a Stronger Brand:

The Communicating EWB-USA workshop will give you an in depth look at how to effectively communicate EWB-USA and give your chapter the skills and tools to increase membership, communicate with your supporters, raise awareness of your projects and increase funding at the same time.  Let EWB-USA give you the tools you need to see results and to make your chapter one of the most well known in your local community.

Health and Safety:  International Travel Medical Issues for EWB Volunteers:

EWB projects are typically in remote locations with little to no access to emergency medical responders and advanced medical care. On top of the safety issues EWB-USA volunteers and community members face in the implementation of projects, we must all be aware of the

medical issues surrounding the location, our volunteers, and the activities. The consequences of a simple blister or cut can be much different if you get one in your home or workplace in the U.S. versus getting one 18 hours inside a tropical rainforest.  This presentation will focus on several of the most common medical issues EWB-USA volunteers face, with an emphasis on preparation and awareness. We will discuss travel briefing and preparation, vaccinations, prevention of malaria and other bug-borne diseases, gastrointestinal issues, parasites, incident response, and evacuation/extraction.