Advanced Water System Design Theory - Dan Saulnier (EWB-NEU), Chris Arsenault (Boston Prof.)

Abstract: This session will cover one or more of the following topics, depending on audience interest:
  - source acquisition
  - pumps and piping
  - storage and distribution
Although some equations and hydraulic theory may appear, the focus will be on practical design considerations to provide a better design for the field.

Biography - Dan Saulnier (EWB-NEU):

Dan Saulnier, P.E., MBA
Engineers Without Borders - Northeastern University (Mentor)
Engineers Withotu Borders - Boston Professionals
SEA Consultants Inc. - Senior Project Engineer
    Dan joined EWB-NEU in 2005 as the Mentor for the new chapter's first assessment trip to El Tecuan, Honduras.  Dan has been working (and playing) with the group ever since, including three projects in Honduras and one in Uganda.  Dan is also working on a non-EWB wastewater project for a charitable hospital in Gujarat, India.  Dan has ten years of consulting engineering experience designing water and wastewater treatment systems.

Biography - Chris Arsenault (Boston Professionals):

    Chris Arsenault is an engineer in the Remediation Group at Geosyntec Consultants. Since 2007 and in parallel to his work at Geosyntec, he has led development projects in the Sudan and Kenya for the Medical Emergency Disaster International Committee (MEDIC).  He graduated from UMass Amherst with a dual B.S. in Mechanical Engineering & Economics where he assisted in the development of the EWB-UMass Amherst chapter.