Engineering For Change - Iana Aranda (ASME)


This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to Engineering For Change (e4c) and an opportunity to influence the site’s ongoing development. e4c is an open-source, collaborative tool designed for volunteer engineers, other technical professionals and creative problem solvers to come together with “on the ground” organization]s in order to solve fundamental quality of life challenges plaguing underserved communities.  

Workshop participants will be invited to join the exclusive e4c Early Adopter Community and…

• Learn about humanitarian challenges throughout the world

• Collaborate with other volunteers and on-the-ground organizations to work on challenges

• Solve the challenges and share solutions so others might reuse, rescale or repurpose it 

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn how e4c can help your chapter to build better solutions through FREE project management tools, collaborative workspaces, map-based visualization and a worldwide network of expertise.

Biography - Iana Aranda (ASME):
Iana Aranda is a Mechanical Engineer who transitioned from biomedical instrumentation design to managing the design of Technical Programming and Development at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  Additionally, she currently serves at the President of the EWB-NY Professional Chapter and Public Health Lead for a Potable Water Supply project in western Kenya which is in its second implementation stage. She is applying her diverse experience to development of an online collaborative platform that will further enable the creation of infrastructure solutions for underserved communities throughout the world. Iana received her degree from the University of Toronto and is passionate about leveraging her skill set for public service.