EWB Curriculum - Iana Aranda (ASME), Edie Kudlis (ASME)


A Hands-On Workshop for Engineering Classroom Outreach  

This workshop is designed to help chapters bring K-12 educators together with engineers.

Participants will be take part in hands-on classroom activities developed by educators and engineers based on real EWB projects. The projects used include: 

Project #1: Design and build an alternative fuel system based on waste vegetable oil for

the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe in New York. 

Project #2: Build a bridge with the village community in El Panama, Nicaragua to provide the community with better access to school and medical facilities during the rainy season. 

Project #3: Create a healthy and sustainable water source with the community of Namawanga in Kenya. 

Join us, as we help you bring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to life for students.  All participants will receive FREE Instructional Materials, including lesson plans and DVDs for classroom use!

Biography - Iana Aranda (ASME):
    Iana Aranda is a Mechanical Engineer who transitioned from biomedical instrumentation design to managing the design of Technical Programming and Development at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  Additionally, she currently serves at the President of the EWB-NY Professional Chapter and Public Health Lead for a Potable Water Supply project in western Kenya which is in its second implementation stage. She is applying her diverse experience to development of an online collaborative platform that will further enable the creation of infrastructure solutions for underserved communities throughout the world. Iana received her degree from the University of Toronto and is passionate about leveraging her skill set for public service. 

Biography - Edie Kudlis (ASME):

    Edie Kudlis is a project coordinator at ASME's Centers Sector working with the Centers for Public Awareness and Leadership & Diversity.  One of his more involved roles is K-12 Outreach, which is executed through the involvement of the Committee on Pre-College Education.  He regularly works in partnerships with organizations such as IEEE, ASCE, JETS, FIRST, and EWB-USA at conferences and workshops to promote engineering education in the K-12 community.