Concrete Mixing/Pouring in the Field - Burcu Guldur (Northeastern University)

In this hands-on demonstration, we will cover the basic concrete design process, and then go over how to mix and pour concrete in field conditions.  This session will include the theory of concrete design, and also some hands-on experience in mixing concrete.  A document created by EWB-NEU will provide insight into mixing and pouring in field conditions for future reference. 

Biography - Burcu Guldur (Northeastern University):
    Burcu was born in Turkey, and completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at Middle East Technical University in Turkey. He is now a graduate student at Northeastern University in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. This is his second year into the Masters degree - He is working as a Teaching assistant in the Materials Lab.  His major is geotechnical engineering and research topic is non-destructive testing performed on soft clays by using bender elements.