Volunteering Locally and Abroad Panel - David VanHoven, Rob Gradoville, Alexander Aman

Abstract:  EWB-USA is not the only organization that allows members to spend time serving other communities and making the world a better place.  These participants will discuss organizations that they have volunteered with, and will discuss the pros and cons of the different models of volunteering.

Moderator - Emily Babbitt

Biography - David VanHoven (Black & Veatch):

    David VanHoven is a Project Engineer at Black & Veatch, and serves as the Water for People Committee Chair for the New England Water Environment Association.  He is a Returned Peace Corps Water and Sanitation Volunteer in Jamaica, and has a MS in Environmental Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BS in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University.

Biography - Rob Gradoville (Pittsburgh Professionals)
    Rob is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from the Dominican Republic where he managed the construction of various infrastructure projects including an aqueduct, a solar-powered community center, and a solar-lighting project.  Before the Peace Corps he received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University, where he managed a project to deliver water to a mountain-top coffee cooperative in Nicaragua by way of a pumping system.  Rob is currently a NSF Fellow in Sustainable Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and a member of the U. Pitt. Student Chapter and the Pittsburgh Professionals Chapter of EWB.  He is involved in the two groups' projects, one in Mali and the other in Ecuador.

Biography - Alexander Aman (Boston Professionals):
    Alexander Aman has been working with grassroots community driven organizations for the last six years.  Some of his most formative experiences where during his six months in New Orleans, Louisiana in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  While working with Common Ground Relief Collective and other grassroots organizations Alec focused on upholding the right of return for all residents and the sustainable rebuilding of effected communities. His responsibilities included Health and Safety Educator, Bio-remediation Project Organizer and member of the Anti-racist Working Group.  Upon returning from New Orleans Alec worked with EWB-UMaine chapter on international project development, membership development and a redesign of the group's website.
    Alec graduated from the University of Maine in December 2008 with a BS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. As a recent Boston transplant he is pursuing professional development and volunteer opportunities with a focus on water resource management and development in disadvantaged communities.