Water Quality Testing - Ferdi L. Hellweger (EWB-NEU) & Xiaodan Ruan (NEU)

Topic of Presentation: Water Quality for EWB Drinking Water Projects
Presentation Abstract:
The topic of this hands-on introductory workshop is on water quality for EWB drinking water projects. This includes an overview various parameters (e.g. metals, bacteria) and regulations/guidelines. Participants will sample water from the nearby Muddy River and perform E. coli analysis. The workshop is divided into two parts. On day 1 we will cover the overview of water quality, collect samples and incubate them. On day 2 we will evaluate the tests (i.e. count colonies) and discuss the results.

Ferdi Hellweger is an Assistant Professor in Northeastern’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering the faculty advisor of Northeastern’s EWB chapter.
Xiaodan Ruan is a PhD student in Ferdi’s research group.