Growing Your EWB Chapter Forum - Lucas Johnson (EWB-NEU), Solkem Gottingar (EWB-NY),

This forum will discuss how the EWB-NY and EWB-NEU chapters use marketing techniques to increase membership. It will focus on topics such as:
Establishing relationships with like-minded organizations, recruiting non-engineers to work on publicity and fundraising initiatives, and creating chapter programs to engage and retain new and current members.

Biography -
Lucas Johnson (EWB-NEU):
Lucas Johnson is a senior mechanical engineering major with a minor in electrical engineering at Northeastern University.  He is in his 5th year with Northeastern EWB and has worked on 5 projects; 4 projects in Honduras (two of which are complete) and one in Uganda.  Over the past several years he has held the positions of Treasurer, Vice President of Chapter Administration, and President.  Lucas is committed to furthering the mission of EWB and encouraging development of sustainable technology.  He hopes to work with EWB as a professional.  In addition to sustainable international development he is also interested in public transportation, energy policy, and education.
Biography - Solkem Gottingar (NY Professionals):
Solkem joined EWB-USA in March 2008 and has since then provided engineering and non-engineering support for the New York Professional chapter's Executive Board and various projects. She is currently the chapter's marketing coordinator. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2005 with a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and is a member of Chi Epsilon, the civil engineering honor society.