Collecting Health Related Data - Emily Babbitt (Boston Professionals)

Base-line health data is essential to monitoring the effects of many EWB projects. In the Collecting Health-Related Data session, we will focus on how to conduct these types of interviews in an effective and sensitive manner. We will discuss how best to approach interviewees, what types of questions to ask, and how to strategically word questions to get the most accurate and comprehensive results.

Biography - Emily Babbitt (Boston Professionals):
    Emily is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from the Dominican Republic where she served for two years. As a Water and Sanitation Volunteer, Emily was engineer and project manager of a community-built aqueduct inaugurated in August 2008. Before entering the Peace Corps, Emily earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia where she conducted undergraduate research on alternative sanitation options along the U.S.-Mexico border. Since her return to the U.S., Emily has joined the EWB Boston Professionals Chapter. She is currently a member of their Kenya project and mentor to Harvard's student chapter.