Michigan Technological University Peace Corps Master’s International (PCMI) program - Jarod Maggio


Michigan Technological University offers six Peace Corps Master's International Programs which allow students to combine two years of Peace Corps service with a graduate degree program. Michigan Tech is the nation's largest Master's International campus, comprising over 25% of all PCMI students. Tech currently offers seven PCMI degrees: Applied Natural Resource Economics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Forestry and Natural Resources, Mechanical Engineering, Natural Hazards Mitigation, Rhetoric and Technical Communication, and Science Education with plans of adding three more programs next year: Chemical Engineering, Business, and Biology.

Contributing to development requires more than technical skills; it requires dedicated individuals serving as the human face of development - working on a daily basis with communities around the world. So please, come and learn how you can combine your technical skills with your passion to serve others while earning a master’s degree.

    After graduating from Northeastern University in 2004 from the Earth and Environmental Sciences department, Jarod Maggio worked in Colorado for a geotechnical consulting company. Realizing the importance of global development work and eager to make a difference with a hands-on approach to learning, he joined the geology program at Michigan Technological University – known for having the nation’s one and only Peace Corps Master’s International program in Natural Hazard Mitigation. His Peace Corps service was carried out at the base of the Philippines’ most active volcano, Mt. Mayon, where he worked with governmental organizations and local communities in developing sustainable fishing practices and early warning strategies for volcanic hazards. Mr. Maggio is currently continuing his education as a PhD candidate in environmental engineering at Tech. His research focuses on measuring the climate, environmental, and health impacts of indoor biomass burning in developing countries.