Project Process - Kelly Latham (EWB-USA)

Abstract of Presentation: The Project Process presentation will focus on the successful inplementation on an EWB-USA project.  We will explain why we need a project reporting process, highlight common mistakes of projects we have reviewed, and present common attributes of successful proejcts that have been implemented.  There will be plenty of time left for questions about the presentation and about EWB-USA projects in general.

Biography - Kelly Latham:

Kelly Latham, P.E.

Engineers Without Borders – USA (EWB-USA)

Project Manager 

Kelly joined EWB-USA in October 2008 as a project manager with expertise in water supply projects.  During her time at EWB-USA, she has worked with over 50 student and professional chapters on a variety of water and sanitation projects in various developing communities spanning 30 different countries. 

Prior to EWB-USA, she served in the Peace Corps as a Water and Sanitation Engineer responsible for designing and overseeing construction of various rural drinking water systems in Honduras.  Kelly joined the Peace Corps as a Masters International Student through Colorado State University and recently received her M.S. in Watershed Science.  Prior to the Peace Corps, Kelly worked 8 years as an Environmental Engineer for Tetra Tech EM, Inc. in Chicago and then in Denver. At Tetra Tech, Kelly worked on a variety of projects focused on the protection of surface water and the remediation of contaminated groundwater.  Prior to Tetra Tech, Kelly attended Northwestern University where she received her B.S. in Environmental Engineering.