Land Surveying with Rod and Level - Amber Ahles (GEI Consultants, Inc.)

This introductory session will focus on the basic fundamentals of surveying.  Participants will learn how to use a rod and level, will learn standard ways to record data, and will learn about benchmarks. This session has limited space, and is recommended for students and professionals who have no prior experience with surveying.  ONLY 1 REPRESENTATIVE PER CHAPTER, PLEASE!

Biography - Amber Ahles (GEI Consultants, Inc.):

Amber graduated from WPI in 2000 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and has worked as a civil/environmental engineer for the past nine years. She is currently a project engineer at GEI Consultants, Inc. in Woburn, Massachusetts.  Several of her projects include characterizing site contamination and designing remedial options for underutilized properties for future recreational parks.  Some challenges to keeping these projects moving include frequent and continued communication with the surrounding neighbors and town officials and understanding a community's concerns.  She currently lives in Manchester, New Hampshire with her husband and two cats.