Mentor's Forum - Dan Saulnier (EWB-NEU), Ethan LaRochelle (EWB-NEU)

This forum will bring together seasoned mentors and young professionals to discuss the role of mentoring in EWB-USA projects. Information will be given about how professionals can get involved and what they can expect once they are involved. The discussion will mainly focus on approaches mentors can take to be effective. In addition, the topics of safety, liability and time commitments may also be discussed. The attendees of this session will also have the opportunity to join an informal mentor support network.

Biography - Dan Saulnier (EWB-NEU):
Dan Saulnier, P.E., MBA
Engineers Without Borders - Northeastern University (Mentor)
Engineers Withotu Borders - Boston Professionals
SEA Consultants Inc. - Senior Project Engineer
    Dan joined EWB-NEU in 2005 as the Mentor for the new chapter's first assessment trip to El Tecuan, Honduras.  Dan has been working (and playing) with the group ever since, including three projects in Honduras and one in Uganda.  Dan is also working on a non-EWB wastewater project for a charitable hospital in Gujarat, India.  Dan has ten years of consulting engineering experience designing water and wastewater treatment systems.

Biography - Ethan LaRochelle (EWB-NEU):
Ethan LaRochelle, EIT
    Ethan LaRochelle is a Clinical Research Coordinator at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA. He  graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 2009. He was the president of the Northeastern University Chapter of EWB-USA from 2006-2008. He has traveled three times to Honduras with EWB-NEU, leading two trips. Ethan recently published a paper for the American Society of Engineering Education regarding the educational benefits of programs like EWB. He is currently the Co-Chair of the EWB-USA Mentors Committee.