Working with NGO's - Mike Carroll & Eileen McHenry (Romanian Children's Relief Foundation (RCR))

This presentation will use the story of our NGO, Romanian Children's Relief (RCR), to illustrate the difficulties and opportunities that are in inherent in the development of an NGO in a foreign country. I will focus on need to understand and be extremely sensitive to issues of culture and how best  to initiate new ideas and methodologies within that culture. Secondly, I will discuss the need to readily adapt to changing circumstances and need to be flexible in one's approach to problem solving.

Biography - Mike Carroll (RCR):
Mike Carroll is the founder and current President of the Romanian Children's Relief Foundation (RCR).   In January 1990, he went to Romania as a photographer with representatives from the NGO Americares to investigate a reported pediatric AIDS epidemic. The subsequent stories, written and photographed for the Boston Globe, led directly to the formation of the Romanian Children's Relief Organization. RCR is a non profit 501(c) (3) charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and health care for children in Romanian institutions. RCR's efforts have focused on the establishment of child-development programs in hospitals and orphanages at several sites in the country. Mike's responsibility has been to bring together the health care community and the business community, both Romanian and American, to collaborate in the development and perpetuation of these child development programs.