Hydraulic Modeling with EPAnet - Mike Sanders (EWB-NEU)

Caution! The pipe network you are about to build might not be the best possible drinking water system for your community.  This hands-on session will explore the advantages of using hydraulic modeling software to design efficient drinking water distribution pipe networks.  The presentation will include a step-by-step introduction and sample project using the free EPANET software.  Participants will learn how to develop a basic hydraulic model and use the resulting flow data to design a better drinking water pipe network. 

Biography – Mike Sanders (Northeastern University):
    Mike Sanders is a Staff Engineer at S E A Consultants in Cambridge, MA.  He is a 2009 graduate of the Northeastern Univ. Civil Engineering program.  He was the chair of the EWB-NEU design committee during 2007 and 2008.   Mike’s involvement in EWB-NEU included overseeing the design and construction of a water transmission main and distribution system in Los Planes, Honduras.  His senior design project included the design of a potable water system for El Carrizalito, Honduras.  Having used hydraulic modeling software to design two community water systems, Mike will share what he has learned about using modeling software to design water pipe systems for EWB projects.  In this hands-on presentation, he will share tips this exciting technology so that you will feel comfortable using this method for your chapter's projects.