Environmental Risk Communication - Jim Ash (GEI Consultants, Inc.)

Abstract:  This talk will focus on some of the techniques that are successful on remediation projects in the U.S., and will give several examples of how the principles of successful risk communication apply around the globe to projects ranging from environmental cleanups to water resource developments to basic, sustainable quality of life improvements in undeveloped countries.

Biography - Jim Ash (GEI Consultants, Inc.):
    Mr. Ash is a vice president with GEI Consultants, Inc., an environmental, geotechnical, and water resources engineering consulting firm in Boston, Massachusetts.  Mr. Ash has developed remediation strategies at numerous sites that have required extensive public communication and participation.  Mr. Ash is a Professional Engineer and Licensed Site Professional in Massachusetts and has 20 years of environmental consulting experience in California and New England.  He earned Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley.