Talk-to-a-Mentor/CRM/Project Manager - Tony Sauder (UPenn) / Rosemary Powers (EWB-USA) / Kelly Latham (EWB-USA)


Biography - Tony  Sauder (UPenn):

Tony Sauder is a registered professional engineer and geologist with over twenty years experience in water resources, hydrogeology, and environmental engineering.  His international experience includes ten years working on projects involving rural water supply and sustainable development in Chad, Sudan, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Belize.  In his water supply and community development work, Tony has sought to facilitate access to water and communicate the benefits of improved water sources and sanitation on health.  While working as Senior Engineer/Hydrogeologist consultant at Pennoni Associates Inc., Tony also shares from his practical experience through teaching Hydrology at UPenn and has served as a professional mentor to the UPenn Engineers without Borders (EWB) on implementation of 4 water and sanitation projects in Honduras and Cameroon.  

Biography - Rosemary Powers (EWB-USA): 
    Rosemary joined Engineers Without Borders- USA in August 2007 as a volunteer and later joined the staff as a Chapter Relations Manager. She received a B.S. Marketing Management degree from Missouri State University and has an Associates Degree in Business Management from Kenya Institute of Management. Rosemary previously worked as a Sales Administrator for Achelis Kenya Ltd- Medical & Scientific Division, serving as a marketing assistance to Corporate Sales team and as a Customer Service Representative for Ashcott Kenya Ltd.
    Rosemary moved from Kenya in 2004 to the United States to further her education and search for a better life. Rosemary draws from life experiences in Kenya and her cross-cultural awareness to bring a fresh perspective to EWB-USA. She is committed to building and maintaining relationships between EWB-USA and its members, partners, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Biography - Kelly Latham (EWB-USA):

Kelly Latham, P.E.

Engineers Without Borders – USA (EWB-USA)

Project Manager 

    Kelly joined EWB-USA in October 2008 as a project manager with expertise in water supply projects.  During her time at EWB-USA, she has worked with over 50 student and professional chapters on a variety of water and sanitation projects in various developing communities spanning 30 different countries. 

    Prior to EWB-USA, she served in the Peace Corps as a Water and Sanitation Engineer responsible for designing and overseeing construction of various rural drinking water systems in Honduras.  Kelly joined the Peace Corps as a Masters International Student through Colorado State University and recently received her M.S. in Watershed Science.  Prior to the Peace Corps, Kelly worked 8 years as an Environmental Engineer for Tetra Tech EM, Inc. in Chicago and then in Denver. At Tetra Tech, Kelly worked on a variety of projects focused on the protection of surface water and the remediation of contaminated groundwater.  Prior to Tetra Tech, Kelly attended Northwestern University where she received her B.S. in Environmental Engineering.