Renewable Solutions - Sajed Kamal (Solar Fenway)

     Much is happening under the Sun and blowing in the wind!  Prompted by concerns over skyrocketing energy prices, economic recessions, climate change, nuclear contamination, threatened national security and energy wars, there’s a growing worldwide consciousness for an urgent need for energy resources that are clean, affordable, secure, sustainable and peaceable. 

      Renewable Solutions is about that revolutionary transition to a sustainable path of innovation, renewable energy and peace. Renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, solar thermal systems, biogas plants and solar cookers have the potential to revolutionize the global economy.  They are environmentally advantageous, politically secure and costs are plummeting.  The presentation looks at some exciting examples where these technologies are opening up new possibilities, in rural as well as urban settings around the world.  It demonstrates a variety of ways in which individuals, communities, utilities, businesses, educational and cultural institutions, and governments are turning this vision of sustainability and peace into action, inspiring more solutions.  

Biography - Sajed Kamal (Solar Fenway):

    Sajed Kamal, EdD, teaching “Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development” in the Sustainable International Development program at Brandeis University, has been involved in the field for more than thirty years.  He has been a lecturer and consultant on renewable energy internationally, setting up projects in the United States, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Armenia and El Salvador.  His work has also provided the basis for projects in Latin America, Europe and Africa.  Dr. Kamal is the president of the International Consortium for Energy Development, a Boston-based nonprofit corporation, a Board member of the Boston Area Solar Energy Association, a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Coordinator of the Solar Fenway Committee of the Fenway Community Development Corporation in Boston.  He is also an award-winning poet, artist, educational consultant, translator, psychotherapist and published author of a dozen books and many articles in a wide range of areas.   His forthcoming books include, Renewable Solutions:  How We Can Fight Climate Change, Prevent Energy Wars & Transition to a Sustainable Future.  In 2007, he was awarded Boston “Mayor’s First Annual Green Award for Community Leadership in Energy and Climate Protection”, and in 2008, a “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, New England Region.  “The Greener Issue” of The Boston Sunday Globe Magazine on September 28, 2008, featured him as one of the “Six local heroes whose work is having rippling effects—at home and far away—in making the world a better place.”