Online Game - play and EWB-OC gets $3!

posted Dec 18, 2009, 2:24 PM by MA/RI State Rep NER Carson Hess

See the following from James McBryan of EWB Orange County Prof Chapter:

 Hello all!

 I am a member of a project in Olancho, Honduras with the Orange County chapter.  We currently have in our grasp one of the RAREST and EXPLOSIVE fundraising opportunities in the history of our projects: the company Springsoft will donate $3 everytime someone plays an online game.  I wanted to share this with you because 

 1) it is hard to get fundraising resources for IT related projects within EWB

2) the social networking potential of the internet can help developing countries more and more!

 In the game, you protect laptops from evil monsters so that these laptops can one day be given to a child to in a developing country so they can use it one day for information and education.  And, at the end, you have to register to win the iPod so that they can track how many people have played the game.  Your email will only be used to contact the winner.

 To play this game, just go to:

 Thank you all for reading about our current fundraising progress and if you feel so moved, please pass this on.  Any effort to play this game or share it with someone else will directly bring needed funds to Olancho, Honduras.