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June 1, 2009 - Issue 1

posted Jun 2, 2009, 5:57 PM by MA/RI State Rep NER Carson Hess   [ updated Jun 15, 2009, 8:41 PM by Regional Administrator NER Sarah Yeager ]

NER Welcome

Welcome!  As a member of the EWB-USA Northeast Region (NER), we are pleased to offer this first edition of our quarterly issued Regional Newsletter.  In the coming pages you will find articles, events, and information from chapters throughout the NER.


What is the EWB-USA Northeast Region (NER)?

·         The Northeast Region is 1/7 Regions recently formed throughout the EWB-USA member base.  We are comprised of 10 States, from ME to DE, 53 EWB Chapters, and approximately 25% of the EWB-USA Chapters.

Who is in the EWB Northeast Region?

·         The NER includes all chapters, projects, and members within our member states.  The NER Committee is a group of elected and appointed members who act as a line of communication for chapters/projects and national for the benefit of our membership.

Why was the EWB Northeast Region developed?

·         To provide more personal contact between EWB-USA and members, provide opportunities for collaboration, to develop proactive resources and additional ways for volunteers to engage in the EWB experiences, and gage the EWB climate.  We are organized in a way that allows us to best serve the needs of our volunteers, while acting as a voice for the membership within the national organization. 

·         EWB-USA, through our CRM Rosemary Powers, formed the Northeast Region in 2008.  Since its inception, the Committee has worked to develop a strong platform for development, by appointing State Representatives, organizing


What should I expect from the NER?

·         Excellent Question!! The NER mission is to facilitate student and professional chapter development, education, and cooperation within the geographic boundaries of the Northeast Region.

How can I get involved with the NER?

    Keep Reading!

Word from NER Co-Presidents

Hi EWB-Northeast Region! 

We are very pleased to announce this first edition Newsletter, as it is the culmination of 6-months of NER Committee development, collaboration, and hard work! 

We recognize that it may be surprising for many of you to learn that there is a Northeast Region Committee; however we hope that this form of communication may allow opportunity to capture your ideas and interests as we continue to develop our Regional leadership.

 If you are interested in getting involved with the NER, please consider any of the open positions listed in the newsletter, on our website, or contact us (insert link) with your ideas and thanks!

Bree Carlson & Julie Gagen,
EWB-USA Northeast Region Co-Presidents

Word from NER TAC

I am Edwina Lam and I’ve been working in the TAC team for more than a year. 


It’s been hectic months for the TAC team to review the projects.  The peak season for the review process is the beginning of the year since most of the teams would like to go out to the site during the summer. 


In April, the regional TAC team reviewed a record 20 implementation trips.  Thanks for all the TAC members who attended the calls and provide feedback to the chapters. 

EWB has been trying to format the project report to become more professional.  So the chapters have been informed to use the new project report document (525) for their future submission. 


At this moment, we are in the transition between the old forms (507) to new forms (525). If you have any question and comment, feel free to contact me and I will try my best to answer your questions. Thank you for supporting EWB.


Edwina Lam

EWB-USA Northeast Region

NE-TAC Representative

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