CRM Rosemary Power's Tidbits and Project Advice

Hello Members of the Northeast Region,

It is great to work with you and thanks to all of our members spending a significant part of your summer in developing communities, assisting with project assessments or implementations. Your energy and commitment makes a difference to thousands around the world!


As you continue planning for your trips, do not forget to visit the website for deadlines for document submission dates @

A few other reminders:

  • Logo use: EWB-USA has specific requirements for using our National logo. These requirements also apply to how it can be incorporated into chapter logos. We have noticed a number of chapters whose creativity has led their designs to be outside these requirements. Please contact me if you would like the branding guidelines to make sure you are in compliance; however please note that our branding guidelines and logo usage requirements are being revised this summer.
  • Pre-Assessment /Pre-Implementation trip proposals (520 forms): We have replaced the 507 design compendium document with a more flexible and professionally aligned document for the pre-assessment and pre-implementation (now known as the 520’s). To download these forms go to section 5 of the resource page on this link:
  • Post-Assessment/Post-Implementation Reports: For those who have completed your project travel this summer, remember to submit your post-assessment or post-implementation reports and receipts for reimbursement. Send the reports to me at and the reimbursement documents to
  • Changed your chapter’s officers or have new members: Do not forget to update that information with us by sending me the following forms: student chapters form 303 or 304. Professionals Chapter form 407. Download the forms from @
  • Travel Approval Letter: Always remember to travel only when you have the final travel approval letter from us. Technical approval does not guarantee final travel approval. You must turn in the 605 waiver forms and 608 health insurance forms to me in order to get the final travel approval. These forms can be downloaded from section 6 at:
  • Reimbursement / Cash Advance: Do not forget to turn in your receipts for a quicker and easier reimbursement process. You can also request for Cash advance before traveling on you trip. Check details on grants, finance policies and chapter expense forms on section 7 of the resource page at:

We are excited to hear about your travels and experiences from this summer. Please give me a ring or send an e-mail – or better yet, a picture! And, yes, get those post-assessment or post-implementation trip reports in! You can reach me at or by phone at 720-204-3196


As always, many thanks from your Chapter Relations Manager for making the world a better place, one community at a time.





Rosemary Powers

Chapter Relations Manager